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Hira Talent Search Scheme (HTSS)

Financial aid to privately run school has been totally taken away by the Government. These institutions, therefore have no other option but to depend on monthly tuition fee and some other annual charges collected from the students. Schools like Hira established purely with the intent of serving the community take utmost care to keep the level of these charges as low as possible. But even then, many children from poorer families are left out. The School Management and Qaumi Refahi Fund therefore decided to launch the "Hira Talent Search Scheme" in 2002-03. Under this scheme, children in the age group of 10-11 years studying in local Madarsas are screened every year and the promising among them are admitted in Class Vth. They are provided all facilities including the Instruction, the Uniform, Books and Stationary etc. free of cost. From among the 26 beneficiaries of the scheme, 2 are pursuing graduate level courses, one in arts and the other in technology. Apart from the above, about 10% of the total strength of the students are fully supported by the school and other agencies like Qaumi Refahi Fund, The Al-Ilm Educational Society under its Daste-e-Shafqat Sponsorship Scheme and the Faizabad Literacy Project.
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