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Hira Scholars Group

A special care batch
Hira Scholars Group Launched by the School in coordination with Hira Alumni Association aims at the following objectives.
  • Select some limited students from class 9th. Educate, train and monitor them from for almost all of their time.
  • Enrich them academically so sound as they could compete of whatsoever course or discipline they aspire for.
  • This group is supposed to be morally very high as well as under the auspicious guidance of teachers of lofty character and intellect.
  • All facilities from nutritious food to healthy reference book with regular coaching will be provided to them irrespective of the cost incurred on them.
  • This particular venture will be funded partially by Hira Alumni Association and partially by philanthropist with clear Islamic Vision costing annually to around ₹ 6000/- per month per student