With the guidance of Allah Subhanahu-wa-Ta'la
  • Establish educational institutions to lead the ummah out of the utter darkness of ignorance unto light and wisdom.
  • Work to improve the quality of life of the community.
  • Provide financial support and loving care to the destitute.
  • Encourage small savings and provide interest free loan for self employment.
  • Provide emergency assistance to the needy.

Society's vision 2020

  1. Construct the mosque and the Madarsa complex inclusive of Sho"ba-e-Hifz presently housed in a room with asbestos sheet roof.
  2. Equip the school class rooms with interactive electronic boards and other gadgets.
  3. Introduce additional courses in Maulana Hamiduddin Technical Institute.
  4. Construct hostel buildings for boys and girls.

Group of Institutions managed by Qaumi Refahi Society

  • Maulana Naseem Foundation
  • Hira Public School, Hanswar, Ambedkar Nagar
  • Hira Public School Jr. Section, Mubarakpur, Tanda, Ambedkar Nagar
  • Zahra Girls Jr. High School
  • Maulana Naseem Girl's Inter College
  • Maulana Hamidudidn Technical Institute
  • Maulana Azad Coaching & Guidance Cell
  • The Qaumi Refahi Fund 

Significant milestones

  • 1988: Establishment of Maulana Naseem Foundation
  • 1988: Establishment of Qaumi Refahi Fund
  • 1988: Foundation of Hira Public School
  • 1992: Seminar Held on Educational Backwardness of Muslims, Causes and Remedies
  • 1996: Establishment of Maulana Hameeduddin Technical Institute
  • 1996: Recognition of Zahra Girls Junior High School
  • 1997: Establishment of Maulana Azad Guidance & Counselling Cell
  • 1998: Talimi Conference
  • 1999: Affiliation of Hira Public School Class 10th with CBSE, New Delhi
  • 2006: Recognition of Maulana Naseem Girls Inter College
  • 2006: Affiliation of Hira Public School Class 12th with CBSE, New Delhi
  • 2008: Inaugural of Conference Hall with Multimedia Facilities
  • 2009: Establishment of N.I.O.S. Study Center
  • 2009: Establishment of N.C.P.U.L Study Center for Diploma courses in Urdu Language
  • 2009: Beginning of Dar-e-Hifz
  • 2009: Beginning of separate Girls Section Hira Public School
  • 2009: Registration under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act
  • 2010: Regional AFMI Educational Conference cum Award Function
  • 2010: Recognition of Maulana Naseem Girls Inter College (XI & XII with U.P. Board)
  • 2015: Establishment of N.C.P.U.L Study Center for Diploma Course in Arabic Language